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Featured Home:

Steel Dawn

Steel Dawn

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Steel Dawn

We would like to welcome you to Steel Dawn an adult Gorean community. This is a Home of Gor and our aim is that all will learn but still enjoy themselves. Those belonging to our family strive to achieve their best at all times and to this all help ea...

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Registering The Palace Client :

REGISTRATION: Getting the Registration and putting it into Palace

Why do I need to register?

Registration is a left over requirement from the old days when the Palace Communities had a free (trial version) and the full capabilities version.  For you to be able to enter some of the rooms in the palace that you will want to visit, you would be limited to the GUEST rooms (Typically the gate - or landing zone - is the only guest room left).

Will I ever be asked to pay?

Never, there's no one to charge you.  The Palace has been a FREE CHAT site since 2002 and maybe as far back as 1999.

Will you use my information for anything?

First, Gorean Palaces does not participate in the Registration process in any way.  We just point you to where you'll get the key.

Second, if you read at the bottom of the registration page, it clearly states that they do not use your e-mail for anything other than statistics.  Personally, I don't think there is anyone left that is actually using the data for anything.

What is the form going to require?

Registration Page

CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO SEE IT FULL SIZE. You will see an example of a hypothetical human by the name of Bjorn Borg - no resemblance either physically, athletically, or personally to anyone who might use that name today - who's e-mail address is Me@MyEmailAddress.com, and who lives in the US.

The Key to this is that you have to select "Client Registration Code" and then press go and an e-mail will be sent to you with the Registration code.

OK, where do I get that; or do I have to back to the home page?

No, no need to go to the home page.  Click on GO GET REGISTERED and a new window will pop up, follow the instructions and voila, you'll have the registration key.

Finally, the e-mail arrived so what do I do with the Registration Code?

small1) Launch Palace

2) Go to File

3) Go to Enter Registration code


Click on the picture if you need to see exactly where to enter the Registration code..