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Featured Home:

White Water

White Water

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White Water

The City Administrator is Joss ands he is ably supported by his Free Companion Shay.

Gorean protocol is expected at all times - honour and respect for all being imperative.

The residents of this home will support any who wish to learn...

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The Technical but Necessary Stuff:

The following are required to set up the software and have a great chat experience:

Computer: Pentium processor running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT, Vista (has issues) or Windows 7

RAM: This is a very low requirement, only32 megabytes required.
(note to self, I wonder why no one has set up a mobile palace client?)

Monitor: 16bit High Color with a minimum of 800x600 support.

Disk space: At least 10 megabytes. If you plan on traveling to other Palace sites, be aware that many of these servers have their own original artwork and sounds. As you enter new rooms in these servers, you might need additional hard disk space to store these additional assets.

Connectivity: 28.8kbps (or greater) connection to the Internet. You can get away with 14.6kbps, but you'll lag far behind the conversations.

Browser: You need a Web browser to access Palace Planet and other Palace relates sites.