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Featured Home:

Western Shores

Western Shores

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with Palace Client

Western Shores

This is a Gorean Home Respect is a must at all times. ALL Free Women must be veiled when at gates. All slaves karta on entry to the gates


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come see it by clicking on the picture

How do I use Palace Chat Software?:

Palace Chat WindowYou can click on the image to enlarge it on a different page and you can use it to refer to.

The Main Palace Window has the main set of controls:

File  - connect to palace, register, etc.

Edit - Paste Multiple Props (build your own AV), Clear Log

Options - A very useful menu with many useful options. (Click Here to view)

Bookmarks - Personal list of Palaces you wish to visit

Avatar - Guest or Member Avatars

Plugins - Seldom used by most of us



At the bottom of the main screen you have the Text Box where you type what you wish to say in the room, and it shows up in two places.  It first shows up on the log window (press together the Ctrl and the L key to display it, or press down the LOG button on the Toolbox).


To move your avatars you have to do two things: first use the tab key to turn the text box black, then you can use your arrow keys to move up, down, left or right.


For far more information we'll guide you to the Palace Manual section.

OR to our videos by clicking here.