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Gorean Passion - A Homestone

Gorean Passion - A Homestone

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Gorean Passion - A Homestone

Vagabond's Gorean Ascension, within Palace Gor, is unique in many ways. From the definitive Expectations of Behavior to the wealth of knowledge and training rooms. VGA contains many tours of the Gorean and nonGorean nature.

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How are Palace Communities set up?:

Palace Communities DiagramThe Palace Communities are set up in a typical Server-Client set up.  The Palaces are hosted in servers hosted by companies like elite palaces, swss, fpalace, etc., that hold the definitions of the make up the each palace.

Palaces are made up of rooms.  Each room has a at least one, sometimes many, background pictures (many are used if the rooms are animated).  Also each room typically will contain at least one door out.  The door is where the script resides that sends you to the next room, to the gate, or to a previous room.  It is the navigation tool of Palace.