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Featured Home:

Nomads Shadows/SLD~PC

Nomads Shadows/SLD~PC

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Nomads Shadows/SLD~PC

§now Łarl's Den was a dream of Snowolf's, to have a Home that people could have fun in but also learn. The Home became public in February of 2009. In May of '09 it became a joint effort of Sno's and Tedra. Tedra decided She wanted to show the lifes...

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Gorean Palaces' Learning Center :

Gorean Palaces' Learning Center

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Mission of the Gorean Palaces' Learning Center

Simply put, the Gorean Palaces’ Learning Center  (GPLC) was founded and designed with only one objective in mind, to allow you exposure to palace and Gorean information, with the freedom to do so unencumbered by anything other than your thirst for knowledge.
The Gorean Palaces' Learning Center (web browser visit by clicking here) was the idea of Vagabond, the owner of Gorean Passion - A Home Stone, conceptualized through discussions with those newer to palace, their concerns and experiences.  His decade long pursuit of teaching Gor to the Free who would listen and the countless slaves, who sought him for Gorean education, is all distilled in the halls of the Gorean Palaces Learning Center.
It is a self paced, fully equipped learning center which includes:

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