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Gorean Passion - A Homestone

Gorean Passion - A Homestone

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Gorean Passion - A Homestone

Vagabond's Gorean Ascension, within Palace Gor, is unique in many ways. From the definitive Expectations of Behavior to the wealth of knowledge and training rooms. VGA contains many tours of the Gorean and nonGorean nature.

The obligatory pr...

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Gorean Palaces Mission

Why Are We Doing This Site?

The key for all of us who are part of The Palace Chat is that we have found a good place to Chat. We find no gimmicks, we find a good active group of chat fans, and we find that there are a number of you out there looking for the same thing we have in the Palace.

Our Mission is simple. Help people find out about The Palace Chat, let them know that the chat is free. We have set up this site to help you find your way into palace, and to help you make new friends.

Do we get anything for this? No, nothing monetary. We do this because we believe it is a good avenue for chat. We are in no way involved with the owners of The Palace Chat we make no warranties implied or otherwise about the software. As with all other chat sites you must exercise caution. Just come on in, take a look at it, and make your own decision.

See Our Mission Presentation

Our Mission is simple; provide FREE CHAT to people who just want to come online to relax.

If you are tired of the FREE CHAT gimmicks, if you are tired of simple text chat, and don’t like the 3D bots, Palace Chat is for you, it’s free, it’s gimmick free, it’s easy, and it’s a lot of fun.