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Genesian Port

Home Page

Gorean Home, located on the Genesian Road. We hold the values of Honor, Truth, and the ability to be truly Gorean, more important than the ability to "act" gorean.

Check with Us for special events! We desire to be useful to the whole of our Gorean Brothers and sisters.

Isle of Skjern

We are Associate with the Gorean Palaces Federation.

Skjern is a small island located above the frozen Torvaldlands in the Thassa Sea of Gor. Distant from Ko-ro-ba. It lies west of bleak, rocky Torvaldsland, substantially above even the vast, green belt of the northern forests.
Raiders of Gor, 11:198

Torvaldsland is a realm whose culture resembles the Viking period in Europe upon Earth. It is a region with many unique customs, for example, a Free Man in this land is called Jarl rather than Master and a slave-girl is commonly referred to as a bond-maid not kajira. The favored drinks in Torvaldsland are mead and ale, served in a drinking horn or a stein.

Skjern is an exchange island, a free port administered by members of the Merchant Caste. Welcome to Isle of Skjern. We respect all lifestyles, though this is a Gorean Home so please follow Gorean protocols. We are willing to teach new learners of palace. We are a NKZ home, but if Yyou wander into the Forest, clearly marked CZ for capture zone, Yyou are fair game.

Do unto others as Yyou would have them do unto Yyou. Collars are respected here. Wwe have private rooms, avatars, tours, games. The animations of the Home are awesome, done by the whole Ffamily.

Isles of Asperiche

Home Page

Asperiche is a Free Port administered by members of the Merchant Caste. A small island situated in the Gleaming Thassa, it is flanked by the islands of Farnacium, Sulneth, Teletus, Tabor and Talbot and lies approx. half way between the Isle of Cos and Hunjer. Asperiche is an Island therefore the only way to get here is by boat or Tarn.

The City sits on an elevated part of the Island, close to it's shoreline. It was once a regal looking place and is currently undergoing restoration to restore it to its former glory. From every part of the City there are spectacular views of the Thassa sea.

The Island is guarded by sleens on the outer walls, with guards at the gates. We have armed guards patrolling the beaches. The City of Asperiche is located one pasang from the beach, and is set behind a 50 ft High solid Rock wall that surrounds the city, and is heavily guarded with armed guards at the gates.

Port of TAFA

Port of Tafa was built by Saul then along came Sno years later. Together They built a Home that one can feel comfortable with everything a person would want to see. Its a Home that One can come and visit and feel like Family.

Port of TAFA is part of the Vosk League. It is located far east of Ar Station. The Vosk League headquarters was in the town of Victoria, on the northern bank of the Vosk, between Fina and Tafa.

TAFA is a Gorean Home and all Lifestyles are welcome but Gorean protocol is followed there and asked to be observed.

TAFA is full of tours and animation of all kinds. From just simple animations to holiday tours. Saul and Sno love to bring things to life with Their animations. Just be careful even though Saul loves it warm Sno does sneak some winter scenes in here and there. TAFA offers slave training library and a library with all the Books of Gor to help in One to read and understand the Gorean ways. TAFA is full of tours and animation of all kinds. From just simple animations to holiday tours. Saul and Sno love to bring things to life with their animations. Just be careful even though Saul loves it warm Sno does sneak some winter scenes in here and there. TAFA offers slave training library and a library with all the Books of Gor to help One to read and understand the Gorean ways. The CA of the Home is Saul and His Sno is the HM. Maxdog is Saul's FS and Amerus is the SS. So come on by and pull up a fur and enjoy what TAFA has to offer and if you have a questions We will be more the happy to help You find the answer if We don't have it right off the bat.
Port Olni

Port Olni friendly and welcoming to those new to, and interested in learning about, Gor This home is now closed
Sea of Dreams

Sea of Dreams is a new home in a old palace. Everyone is welcome to come and visit, learn and grow with us. We are a safe home, collars are respected and protected.

Soon our props and Av's will be opened to the public, and a new CZ/KZ is in the works. Respect our home as we would Respect yours.

Shadow Isle of Gor

Shadows Isle of Gor is a dedicated Gorean Home where the rules are clearly set, and a welcoming atmosphere exists for those willing to be open minded, if they are not already of Gor.
Silent Retreat

The Silent Retreat of Gor is a good palace for beginners in both Palace Gor as well as new Palace Users.
Tatrix of Gor

Tatrix of Gor is near the coast, It has a tropical atmosphere to the home so bring plenty of sun screen when you come. There are rocky hills and Sandy beaches with small areas of Trees and shrubs. With plenty of beautiful wild flowers that perfume the hills and you can smell year round when the wind blows through. It is a working Home and we grow crops here. From the Sa-Tarna to brew Paga; and stored in the caverns below our city this way it may be fresh when shipped as well as the grains for making Sa-Tarna bread. There is Ta-grapes grown till ripe and juicy to make plenty of wine stored here for the feastís of Gor.

These are but 2 main staples of the village and the best in the land. Please feel free to visit our beautiful home and enjoy the comforts Gor can bring. It is a small Home Stone here but there are ships in the harbors at anytime.

There are hunts that you can go on for the FM of gor for the common Tabuk and Tarsk for the boar it is a good hunt some can have and for slaves a dangerous thing to run across. We take the Tarsk and cook it till it is tender roasting it in the pits with the Hard and juicy larma fruit and spices to season served with fresh breads and Kort on the side.

Come and enjoy the land we have to offer and the good company of the people here Feel at ease be you Warrior, and Free Males, Free Women to slaves of Gor. All Life Styles will have free passage in this home if you are of Honor and respect!

Temple of Harmony

Temple of Harmony is a strict but honorable Gorean Home that embraces the fundamental values of the Gorean principles.
Tor Tu Tara

Member of the Gorean Palaces Federation. This home was one of the original founders of Gorean Palaces and was on hiatus for a several months; they have returned and it is now one of the largest homes in the Federation. Honor, Respect and the Gorean Lifestyle are trademarks of this fine home. Come visit and enjoy a good Palace Gor experience.

This home shares a common gate and is a joint home with White Water.