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Focus/kajira Ground

Member of the Gorean Palaces Federation

Fortress of Saphronicus

Home Page

One of the Founders of the Gorean Palaces and an active member in the Gorean Community. FoS is a good place to come and learn about Gor and relax. Come see for yourself.

White Water

Home Page

The City Administrator is Joss ands he is ably supported by his Free Companion Shay.

Gorean protocol is expected at all times - honour and respect for all being imperative.

The residents of this home will support any who wish to learn the ways of Gor.

The home has a well stocked Market with a great range of original avs.

3 Moons (of Victoria)

Moons of Gor is made up of 4 homes.. Jasmine on the Vosk, 3 Moons of Victoria, City of Kassau and Merchant's Corner. The first successful combination of joint, seperately autonomous homes in one palace, Moons offers a relaxed, friendly and Gorean atmosphere for all to enjoy. Come visit us and experience our unique brand of humor and fun.

Goreans Loved to Live, laugh and love. They were passionate. hey were doers.

New people to Gor are welcomed and will be coached. WE have great av makers and editors. They know the Ins and Outs of Pchat editing systems. We are here to help.......and laugh.
Gorean Passion - A Homestone

Vagabond's Gorean Ascension, within Palace Gor, is unique in many ways. From the definitive Expectations of Behavior to the wealth of knowledge and training rooms. VGA contains many tours of the Gorean and nonGorean nature.

The obligatory prop rooms and Yahtzee rooms are available, along with approximately 900 waves for your listening pleasure. You will not find slaves serving and dancing, nor Free indulging in combat. GPH is about learning to adapt Gor for a meaningful application to our life and your approach to the world. GPH contains no zones but respects the right of all individuals to make consensual choices in roles and interaction. Come visit and see what Gorean discussion, debate or conversation may be occurring.

Make sure you visit the Expectations of Behavior so that any possible misunderstanding can be avoided and a pleasant time may be had by all.
Nomads Shadows/SLD~PC

Home Page

§now Łarl's Den was a dream of Snowolf's, to have a Home that people could have fun in but also learn. The Home became public in February of 2009. In May of '09 it became a joint effort of Sno's and Tedra. Tedra decided She wanted to show the lifestyle of the Panthers. The Panther's Camp tour was born. The Tour allows people to explore a Panther's Camp and feel safe while seeing how the Panthers lived. The Ubar of SLD/PC is Ornan. He and Tedra welcome all visitors and wish all a wonderful time while visiting SLD/PC

§now Łarl's Den and Panther's Camp has much to offer people, a library with all the Gor books plus a slave library to help those who want to review or learn more. Plus we have a photo gallery to allow people to see how active We are and see Our members.

§now Łarl's Den and Panther's Camp is located at the northern tip of the Mountains of Thentis. Across the gap you can see the southeastern edge of the Northern Forest where the Panther Camp lays.

Throughout the Home You will see a lot of animation. Bring warm clothing cause Sno does love the snow. While traveling through the Panther Camp beware of roaming larl and hungry panthers. Tedi does love Her pets.

Hope that folks will come and see what §now Łarl's Den and Panther's Camp has to offer and enjoy the warmth and friendliness of this Gorean Home.

Steel Dawn

We would like to welcome you to Steel Dawn an adult Gorean community. This is a Home of Gor and our aim is that all will learn but still enjoy themselves. Those belonging to our family strive to achieve their best at all times and to this all help each other. We are friendly and between us we have all sorts of skills that can help both those new to Gor and those with more experience.

We do have rules and these are to be obeyed at all times, So please read the rules before enterring the Home.. The Free are expected to behave with honor and slaves must always be respectful.

Should you have any questions, please ask. All will be more then happy to help you. Once again welcome to our Home.

Łu˘ian ÇĹ of §teel Đawn

Towers of Talmont

Home Page

Towers of Talmont is a Gorean city located near the base of the Voltai Mountains. Established in the earth year 2007 TOT is a learning home.

We are a no kill and no capture home and we follow gorean protocol and honor and respect are required . We welcome all lifestyles to visit us as well.

We have some very nice tours and many prop rooms for you. So come in and enjoy, relax and make some new friends.
Wechote of the Yellow Knives

Home Page

Wechote of the Yellow Knives is a Gorean Home run by the Civil Chief, SleenScar, who has 25 years experience in being a Red Savage of Gor.

Come, learn the ways of The Yellow Knives clan and the Red Savages. It is hard work to be a Red Savage as we migrate two times a year in spring and fall, and it is very different to Northern and Southern Gorean Homes. We go by the books as much as possible.

Please stop by and visit. Those new to Palace and/or Gor are welcome.

Western Shores

This is a Gorean Home Respect is a must at all times. ALL Free Women must be veiled when at gates. All slaves karta on entry to the gates