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Featured Home:

Fortress of Saphronicus

Fortress of Saphronicus

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Fortress of Saphronicus

One of the Founders of the Gorean Palaces and an active member in the Gorean Community. FoS is a good place to come and learn about Gor and relax. Come see for yourself.


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Gorean Palaces Application

Becoming an Associate Palace Member


Membership of Gorean Palaces is by invitation only. Palaces may apply for membership via this form. The application is then taken to the Committee and a vote is taken. You will be advised accordingly of the results of that vote.

Palaces successful in gaining Associate Home Status make an Honor commitment to helping the Committee attract new membership to palace and to Gorean palaces in particular where practical. Those new to palace and/or Gor will enter homes of Gorean Palaces via our web page link. Each home is expected to be welcoming, helpful and friendly, and willing to teach them the ways of Palace and Gor, as well as redirecting those not interest in Gor to an appropriate non-Gorean palace. Furthermore, each palace involved in this venture is required to use and maintain the gate link provided on joining, and create a special room for its use.

Membership of Gorean Palaces is dependent upon compliance with our objectives and those requirements already outlined. It is by invitation and can be suspended or terminated with a vote from the Committee.
If you understand and agree to these conditions and objectives, please forward this application to: Registration@GoreanPalaces.com