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Featured Home:

Western Shores

Western Shores

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Western Shores

This is a Gorean Home Respect is a must at all times. ALL Free Women must be veiled when at gates. All slaves karta on entry to the gates


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Becoming an Associate Palace Member

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Why should I be interested in becoming an associated palace member of Gorean Palaces Federation?

There is a simple answer to that.  We attract new members to Palace through the advertising we do.  We link to a given palace from the Step 3 button and land them on a common gate.  That common gate has the links to all associated members and to the Founding Members.  Other than that, there are only 2 simple rules - listed below and you are on your own.

What are the rules for becoming an associated palace member of the Gorean Palaces Federation?


1) Each Palace is self Governing and controls its own destiny.

2) Each Palace simply agrees to:

    A) Have a Common gate (see picture 3333 Gate) at DEST 3333.  Common Gate Rules:

        i)  The gate is to be a No Kill, No Capture Zone

        ii) Travel between common gates is not to be considered leaving the home,

        iii) Slaves who travel are only to travel between gates, not outside of the gate area.

    B) Deal kindly with newbies and either:

        i) take Gorean Potential Newbies at the Common Gate then

            a) help them learn Palace

            b) train them into Gor if that's what you and they agree upon

        ii) Or, send non-Gorean newbies to the general directories within this web site (Click Here).


How do I request addition to the Gorean Palaces Associate program?

Request Addition to the Gorean Palace Federation as an Associate Member by clicking here.