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By Argos-FoS-CA
#7457 Tal Free,
Greetings slaves,

During the hand before the Sardars Fair the citizens of TAFA sail aboard the Iron Rose pillaging villages along the way to the Sardars.

All are welcome to join us on this trip!

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach the wanted destination. It might just bring us to your home …no one home ? Pillage time! * smirks*

If you are at home or at the ship we just enjoy the hospitality of your home…euh only if there is enough paga for us all!

To avoid to much ravage at your homes ,I will hold some other distractions while we head towards the Sardar Fairs.

Day 1 (19th march) : Find the hidden objects in Yahto’s Ship

Day 2 (20th march ): Toss The Woman Not The Axe

Day 3 (21th march) : Toss The Axe Not The Woman

Day 4 (22th march) : Yahto’s Tarn Race

Day 5 (23th march) : Arrival at Sardar Fairs selling all the pillaged goods ; for a fair price we just might give you back your goods

I wish you all well and see you on The Iron Rose,

Place to be :

Yahto of TAFA