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Do you plan to attend En'Kara and visit Palace Gor?

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By Argos-FoS-CA
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greetings kajiri

I saw the pavilions of the Fair of En'Kara, or the Fair of the First Turning.
Outlaw of Gor

The databases are now open for Home Leaders to sign up to the Fair of En'Kara which opens 23rd March.

Also, the databases are open to book times for any entertainment or event your Home wishes to facilitate during the Festival. Dances, games, discussions, story-telling, get-togethers celebrating all aspects of Gor are appreciated.

"Kajuralia!" cried the slave girl hurling a basket of Sa-Tarna flour on me, and turning and running. I had caught up with her in five steps and kissed her roundly, swatted her and sent her packing.
"Kajuralia yourself!" I said laughing, and she, laughing, sped away.
About that time a large pan of warm water splashed down on me from a window some sixteen feet above the street level. Wringing wet I glared upward.
I saw a girl in the window, who blew me a kiss, a slave girl. "Kajuralia!" she cried and laughed.
I raised my fist and shook it and her head disappeared from the window.
A Builder, whose robes were stained with thrown fruit, hastily strode by. "You had better be indoors," said he, "on Kajuralia."

Assassin of Gor

Kajuralia this year will be celebrated on Sunday March 25th

Anyone building is encouraged to read the Building Guidelines so that problems can be avoided where possible.

Building needs to be complete by 18th March.

Any slaves wishing to help please contact me asap.

I wish all well and look forward to seeing you at the Fair.

Ta Sardar Gor