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By Taka
#7445 Among the many items discussed recently were things to capture ( I know, bad pun coming from a Taluna) a first time visitor's attention, and interest them into coming further into our realm... perhaps something as simple as this?

Tal, and welcome to Gor as we live it in text and 2D imagery.Take charge of your own destiny,
and find out for yourself what lies ahead! Are you a curious neophyte,or lifestyle gorean?
Palgor has something for everyone thanks to dedicated & informative people engaged
in roleplay life and education of gorean ways/principles. Meet with our talented builders,scripters &
avatar creators.. take a moment to come immerse yourself in the palgor experience today.
Create your own personae, and thrive in whatever role you live once you enter into our lands!
Mighty warriors... Crafty Merchants...revered Builders and Physicians..Regal Free Women...
Tantilizing Taluna and Panther Girls..sensual slaves...Whoever you wish to be, come engage
with us in lively chat and realistic skillset exchange today!
By Dvorak
#7446 Very nicely stated Taka.

As mentioned, I am still not so sure about target audience (current members or potential members) so felt I would toss out these thoughts for people to kick around a bit. I'm also thinking, based on the 30 second rule, to make things more of a bullet point display so eyes get captured by certain words and the mind can then zero in on them.

Option 1 - Potential Member Speech

Tal and Welcome to the Cyber Universe called Palace Chat.
A place that balances the graphic delights offered by today's technology with the vibrant experience of text based chat.
A place that first and foremost gives you control of your destiny.  
A place where you can dabble a toe in the water, or jump right into the deep end.
A place where you can:
Create an opulent eye catching extravaganza that boggles the mind and senses.
Show off your moves with a dancing avatar.  
Role play, or play games, videos or songs.  
Sit and chat with people about Gor.  
Sit and chat with Goreans about anything under the sun.  
Experience Gor through interactive and uncensored Role Play.

Capture the moment.  Release your full potential.

Option 2 - Current Members of PalGor

Tal and Welcome to Gorean Palaces, Community Central for Palace Gorean Homes

Here is where we find out what's been happening in our community.
Here is where we let everyone know the new and exciting events on tap in the coming weeks.
Here s where we sound off on all things Gor and all things Palace.

Here is where you can find out more about the exciting world of Palace Chat and the people who inhabit it.
Here is where you can find the Gor chat that is right for you.

Here is where we shine.