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By Deverin TRH
#7430 This may not necessarily where this needs to be posted but just so, a reminder that this coming Saturday, Feb. 17th at 6pm eastern time there will be a Leadership Meeting held at Thors River Hold, open to the leaders of all the Gorean Homes to try and bring some greater unification together and I have some ideas such as utilization of this board as well as the elite calendar for notification of events other than just the Sardar Fair where we can join together to share our experiences and have fun. I encourage all homes to come and bring their ideas. I would also suggest that those Free Women that are not at the Leadership Meeting due to not being Leaders of their homes to have a Tea but one where they discuss possible events they would enjoy working on and being a part of to take to their home owners. Gor was not run by the men alone nor was a home run by just the men, the women had a vocal say as well. We need everyones input to make this work.

Thank You and here is hoping to see a great turnout on Saturday.

Deverin <> TRH