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By Ladorria FoS
#7409 Tal Men
Tal Ladies
Greetings slaves,

On Wednesday October 7th 2015, The Association of Scribes in Palace Gor had their 2nd Caste meeting. We came up with our Doctrine, a list of services The Association will recommend a Scribe to perform for Palgor, and the start of our Caste Codes.

In attendance were:

Vagabond of Gorean Compass (First in Caste)
Dhuibshithe of Steel Dawn (Second in Caste)
Ladorria of Fortress of Saphonicus (acting as the Scribe for the Scribes)
Shelina of Tyros
Adelle (of no city at this moment)

The meeting was a huge success. Below please read our Doctrine and a list (to be modified if needed later) of services that our Scribes can provide.

Association of Scribes in Palace Gor Doctrine
To provide Palace Gor with the most qualified, knowledgeable and efficient scribe services/documents in utilizing the Gorean Books as a guideline and metering it with the reality of our medium. To this end, the Scribes of this association will provide the aforementioned services with the utmost confidentiality, honor and integrity as we serve our Community.

The Association of Scribes in Palace Gor
List of Documents/Services

Caste Certifications
Documents validating a certification of another caste
Free Companionship Contracts
Letters of Manumission
Alliance Agreements
Trade Agreements
Statement of Ownership
Bill of Sale
Accounting/Counting Services
General Record Keeping (Meeting Minutes, etc…)
Adjudication Verification
Legal Council
Legal Disputes
Notary Services

Our next meeting will be in two weeks at Steel Dawn and we invite all Scribes in Palgor. Our hope is to encourage our members to practice their Caste and put the word out should other Castes need a Scribe to perform any of the services, that they will contact our First and/or Second in Caste for a recommendation for a Scribe in good standing. We are an association of Scribes, gathered together to ensure the most professional documents and services possible.

I wish you all most well,

Fortress of Saphronicus