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By shani_JossW2
#7402 This script is used for announcing when someone enters a specific room, area. You will put it into the room You wish announced to wiz, gods, and owers.

You will need to put in the name of the room you wish announced. It goes between the "s.

It will appear in the log in RED like this ;
*** Page from {shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg: Someone Entered the Game Room

ON ENTER { "Someone Entered the Game Room" SUSRMSG }

You can also use the script as a click on one. As with the other, you will need to fill in the room you want announced.

It will appear in the log in RED script like this:
*** Page from {shani}`Joss`\\`²`eg: Someone has clicked the Goodie Button

"has signed the Gorean Registry" SUSRMSG


Hope these help.

"has clicked on the Goodie Button" SUSRMSG


ON ENTER { "Someone Entered the Room" SUSRMSG }