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By Argos-FoS-CA
#7401 This code pops up a prop that welcomes the user that comes in using Open Palace

Code: Select all;This script created by Argos~FoS to announce the landing of someone from Open Palace.
;This is useful of homes that have turned in a Flag to Gorean Palaces Blog to seek
; new people who land on Palace

      {"'page An OPEN PALACE user is at the GATE! " SAY } OPENPALACE IF
      { [ -1431836678 ] SETPROPS   } OPENPALACE IF
         {"WELCOME, Open Palace User, we just dressed you in a unique avatar, but the members of our home will provide you a better one to get started...." SAY} 120 ALARMEXEC
         {"Someone will be right out to greet you - Tal and Welcome to the Fortress of Saphronicus" SAY} 300 ALARMEXEC

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OP Dress
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