Testimonials received from Palace Goreans.

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By Joss
#2811 whitewater.epalaces.com:9998

Name - Joss: City Administrator of the Port City of White Water

I quite accidently fell into Palace on the 2nd July 2004. I had not been in any other chat realms and had never heard of Gor.
Fortunately, after an alamingly bizarre experience with some Very Bossy Women, I was soon adopted by the residents of A Peaceful Retreat where both my education and my love affair with Gor began. After training I was honoured to become the First Sword there.
I became the CA of my Home of White Water in December 2006. Two things keep me here. Firstly an appreciation of the Gorean culture and philosophies and secondly the people. I especially look forward to each of the Sardar Fairs and have enjoyed being a member of the Committee there.

Ta Sardar Gor

Name - {shani}Joss

shani has been on Palce for three plus years, she was brought to visit by Master Dag_Gar. He told her of it, and thought she would find it a better place then the realm she was in. He dropped her like a bomb onto White Water ( poor Master CA). shani had been in Gor for over 10 years at this point, but oh what a surprise pally Gor was lol. To see the people she was talking with, not just a name in a list, was mind blowing. To this day she still marvels at that part. shani found pally a haven, and never left (again- poor Master lol). she was soon in a W2 collar, and spent many hours with those of the Home, learning the pally ways ( by some miracle she still has all her hair, and learned to move and such, chuckles harder over memories of loosing her arse many times..)
she ventured forth and found VOT, where after a time she became collared to the CA-Torin. In her new Home she learned more of pally and worked on learning to build.
in time she found her way back to W2, smiles *home*
sha has found herself as part of a few different Homes, in collar, or just an * adopted member. she has spent most of her time in Gorean Homes, but has spent some in Vamp Homes, and a few D/s ones, or in any Home where she can shop lol.
she has been involved with the Festivals, and enjoyed each one meeting new and old friends. she loves the way people come together during them, just wishes there were more people about more often.
shani is now the property of Master CA of W2, smiles. He has recently merged the server with Tara and Jort's Ferry, bring three Homes under one Awning, but each seperate. Seems to be working, wonders if others may try it also.

what keeps shani here... Friends, Family, building, and lately there are many new changes to pally itself. sha is seeing more new people, so will see more changes, and new ideas. You see one of sha's favorite quotes...* If You aren't riding the waves of change, you will find yourself under them* so fits how pally is going now, and sha is liking the changes, ok some not all, lol. So if this new pally brings people out more, causes visiting of other HOmes to see new *big* rooms, sha all for it.

Name - {destiny}Oroboros

des has been in Palace nearly 4 years now she first came to palace just to see what it was like here as she heard so many people talking about this chat realm. Since she has been here she only lived at one other Home before moving into White Water - her Home now where she has been over 3 years, Where Master CA took her in she could never leave there her family are the best very caring and understanding that helped her thru many difficult times that laid ahead of her, she loves to dance has danced at many fairs also coming second in a dance competition Achieving her personal collar to her Master (Oroboros), the physician of White Water, not only online but in real too ...
she has many friends which are mainly from Gorean Homes. she loves the community as a whole friendly people lots of activitys unlike other chat realms where the Goreans are ignorant Palace is a friendly Community and one to be proud of.
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By Justice
#6569 Name: °Ju§†i¢e™°`\\`²

I came to palace back when it first opened to the public in 1995... I guess it is safe to assume I was very naive back then as I was a Freshmen in High School and only knew about "The Palace" due to curiosity. I became a wizard at The Mansion from 96-2000. In 1999 I started visiting "Adult Vanilla" homes where I started learning about the different lifestyles that palace had to offer. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be in Gor today. As a matter of fact at the time I didn't even know that there was such a lifestyle as BDSM D/s and Gor if I didn't venture out of my comfort zone that was The Mansion.

I quickly caught on to all the new surroundings including making my own avatars building palaces and learning how to read Cyborgs enough to make my own. I have been a wizard in BadBabes, Flirt, City Heat, and Bound 2 Please...But if it wasn't for Korea of Badbabes bringing me to ¤Dreams¤ and introducing me to Hawke I don't think I would be where I am today. Hawke taught me so much about Gor and life in general. He graced me with His wisdom for 3 long years until He sadly passed away Feb 20th 2003. From 2000-03 I was a slave of His home but with His passing I became Free and have been Free ever since.

2003- Present = In the Gorean community I have been a member of City of Sais, City of Jasmine, Golden Sword of Tarnwald, Brundisium Portside, Nyoki Keep and now I call White Water home sweet home.

I was also a Radio DJ for Gorean Planet Radio with Faile, High, Tosh, Zed, jas, lass and destiny

Granted its been a rough and bumpy road but its all been worth it in the end. I currently own Intensity & Golden Sword of Tarnwald.

As I look back and see where I started and where I am today I don't think I would have changed a thing even with my out burst and temper tantrums along the way *chuckles at the thought of calling Relius "Relish" at one time and the name sticking* Sorry Bro... its with experiences like that and people forgiving and forgetting the childish past long enough to teach others the knowledge they possess inside that keeps me coming back for more.

With each new experience comes new challenges
Always learning and growing as I live the Gorean Lifestyle to the best of my ability

Proud FW of White Water