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#7364 Tal Free
Tal Kajirii,

The Question has been - HOW DO I GET GOOD NOTIFICATION of a post on the Forum.

The Answer was too simple for me to figure out; however, the great people at Yahoo provided the answer: My Yahoo!

Have you used it? It is, frankly, awesome. It allows you to see, in one place, your e-mail, your feeds, and your other interests in the order you want, and organized in the way you want. If you've not used My Yahoo!, take a look at it.

The forum has what is called an RSS Feed. RSS is a "Rich Site Summary" which means it takes the newest post, and sends it to your RSS Reader. I took the following from Wikipedia:
Web-based feeds readers allow users to find a web feed on the internet and add it to their feed reader. Online feed readers include Bloglines, Feedly, Feedspot, FeedRover, Flipboard, Digg, News360, My Yahoo!, NewsBlur, and Netvibes. These are meant for personal use and are hosted on remote servers. Because the application is available via the web, it can be accessed anywhere by a user with an internet connection.

So, let's say you want to use My Yahoo! as your RSS reader. You log into My Yahoo! and then you open a tab for the Forum. You find the little orange radio signal (3 quarter circle segments in orange or a color that looks like that to me). Click that icon.

When you do you'll get a new page that has a pull down titled "Live Bookmarks" so pull it down and look for My Yahoo! - on mine it is the bottom option. Once you make that selection click on the "Subscribe Now" button and it should take you right to your My Yahoo! page, just follow the instructions and it should come up.

In my case - for some reason - it did not come up the first time. I hit the back arrow (backspace works as well) and it gave me the feed page again, then I told it a second time to give me the feed, and it did, and all is well.

This is the best way to give yourself access to the posts on the Forum so you can see them, link right to them and answer carry on the conversation.

If you have any questions, let me know and I'll do a quick video of how to do this.

I wish you well