Testimonials received from Palace Goreans.

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By Argos-FoS-CA
#3859 I'm Posting here the replies to the responses to the Open Request for Testimonials.

Please submit your Testimonial with the following format:
    Name in Palace:__________________
    Home in Palace:__________________
    Address of the Home in Palace:________________________
    Testimonial:_______________________________________(No limit to the length)

Submitted so far (also on the main page at http://www.goreanpalaces.com in the rotating banner)

Palace is a great place to go and meet friends, have fun, and get involved in areas that you like.. Palace Gor is great for those that like the books of John Norman, and want to become part of that lifestyle and to be able to express yourself as such.

~ ada ~

i have been in Palace chat for over seven years. It has been an experience where i have made friends, found love, grown and learned. It was a very scarey experience coming to Palace and learning how it works. There are many people who are very experienced and talented at Palace chat that are willing to help the new comer. Through the years i've learned a lot. It truely can be a positive journey coming into Palace. There are many things that Palace offers so it is easy to find something you can be good at. Live, learn and grow....smiles. Looking forward to seeing new comers travel into Palace. So, come on in and see what it's all about.
See you there!
laria of Shangri La.
Shangri La address is: palace://
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By Maire
#6447 Name in Palace: {ãlira}~Ð~†TOT†fg
Home in Palace: Towers of Talmont
Address of the Home in Palace:towersoftalmont.ssws.us:9998

I entered palace approximately March 2010 almost 18 months ago I had stumbled upon the Gorean Palaces website one night and thought I would give it shot. On that night I entered in Fortress of Saphronicus to find a patient and helpful slave named kari. Who worked with me on getting my bearings with the operation of the client and helpful tips to adjust to my new found roll of being a Gorean slave. I was once in MSN Gor but lived an entirely different way of life there as a FW and FC. Thus began my journey into slavery. I found myself petrified and shy and having a hard time adjusting. However my will and determination to learn kept me going. Eventually, i was made a slave of FOS and my thirst for knowledge grew. I wanted very much to learn all that i could and kari was patient and taught me alot of the basic knowledge to function with PalGor. All though my training could only go so far without the proper guidance of the One that owned me at the time. He disappeared and i have not heard from him since. There came a time that a new Owner came along. This time a much different one. This Master has had girls heart for many years and he finally decided to return to Gor after a very long time. The man i married some 7 years ago was to become my new and last online Owner. A decision that has brought me great pleasure and has allowed me to grow by leaps and bounds in my slavery. That person that was once that shy petrified and unsure girl is now proud to call herself a gorean slave.