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Testimonials from Port of Tafa

PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:28 pm
by Sno
I came to palace back in january of 2007..after spending many a years in yahoo...the Home I belonged to at the time was movin to palace...went to the Torvasland Festival.and didnt really like was not impressed with palace at all...after that I just sat in Our Home or went to a Sister Home..then one day a friend got Me to go the Gorean Festival...and there ..I found My FC Saul there...shortly after meeting Him...WE started courtly..He taught Me how to make AVs and rooms and do animation....I love the interactions folks have with one and another...and have made many friends and found old ones from yahoo...I enjoy some of the discussions..but I dont go to many cause I dont do to well in discussions..smiles...but some that I have gone to..are very interesting...and the Fairs and Festivals are always a see old friends and meet new ones and show off what a Home is all about..the dances are awesome...and the games are alot of basically am glad I came to palace..cuase boy it beats just typing..atleast I can keep Myself busy and out of trouble by..buildng and makin AVs.smiles..and to be able to share ideas of what Gor means to Me and what it means to other is very helpful to help not only Me but anyone I come in contact further their journey on this road We all have come to love...Gor