Testimonials received from Palace Goreans.

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By Joss
#2830 Name - Mia of Tor Tu Tara

I have enjoyed using palace chat for a little over five years. In my time in palace, I have come to know and to learn Gor. Gor roleplay in palace offers a wide variety of "roleplay levels" ranging from lifestyle discussions to trivia events, communal fairs and gatherings, to full-fledged roleplay for the Gorean person. One of the aspects I appreciate most in palace Gor is the willingness of the current Goreans to be eager to help the new people trying Gor out or trying palace out for the first time. With an eclectic range of palace Gorean homes, many places are available to visit with homes representing different cultures, castes, and clans in the Gorean world. I have found these aspects entertaining over the years and am glad I stumbled upon Palace chat and Gor.