Testimonials received from Palace Goreans.

Moderator: Argos-FoS-CA

#2812 Fortress of §aphronicus.... palace://fortress:ssws.us:9998

Name: Årgos~Fo§~CA - City Administrator of Fortress of Saphronicus

I've been in Palace for the last 5 years. At first I visited friendship homes, then slowly moved to the BDSM homes, till I finally settled in Gor. The thing that keeps me here is the people I interact with and the feeling of "family" I get.

Name: {amber}Å«Fo§» property of Årgos

i came to palace on the suggestion of an acquaintance from Yahoo. I hadn’t been in a chatroom in over two years, and was only maintaining old contacts in PM. It was a little strange at first, but now i really enjoy the added visual aspect – you can do a lot more things to express yourself in Palace that gives it an edge over pure text chatting.

The other thing i like is that it’s not overrun with bots and kids. Most people i’ve met are easy going and down to Earth. It’s a great place for real people to meet others, enjoy a sense of community, and hang out.

Name: {karimah}Å«Fo§» property of Årgos

i was collared in irc and brought to palace the very next day by my new Master in November, 2005, as his personal slave in his Gorean Home. i have spent most of my time in Palace ever since with a small period away offline, and then another period of several months in Second Life. Although i have visited other styles of homes in Palace, i have only belonged to Gorean Homes here. The thing that made me return to Palace and that keeps me in Palace is the knowledge and genuine belief in the Gorean Philosophies and Principles that is displayed by most Palace Goreans.. i find that Palace Gor follows the Books and the true essence of Gor, more than any other venue that i have experienced. . people here are, in the main part, truly Goreans in their hearts, not just role playing a game.


Name: Ladorria~Fo§~Scr - Scribe

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a saucy little wench named amber who twisted my arm to come into Palace. So, I downloaded Palace and took a journey with amber around various homes there. The welcomes that I received were truly heartwarming and not at all what I really expected, considering that on Gor, the word for stranger and enemy are the same. I started attending discussions and found that I really enjoyed spending time with the PalGoreans. The first home that I joined was IoC, Mihero is a very nice man, but unfortunately, my home there was short lived as personal reasons kept Mihero away and I felt funny sitting there by myself and being the social butterfly that I am, I felt funny keeping tags to a home that I was never in.

I am a frequent visitor of Focus, in fact, I consider Focus as a home away from home and I can’t thank Torin and the girls enough for making my Palace experience a wonderful one.

Finally, I have settled in at FoS and I am quite happy there. I chose FoS as my home simply because of the fact that Argos and I see eye to eye on so many things that it just feels like a good fit. Of course, I would be unkind if I didn’t mention a certain saucy wench that might have turned murderous had I joined another home . In all seriousness though, I have come to see that Palace Chat in general is a very special place and I am glad that I was talked into coming and checking it out. I look forward to this part of my journey.


Name: {lyna}«Fo§»

This one is relatively new to Palace, and has a lot to still experience, but what made her fall so swiftly head over heels for Palace in comparison to the many other realms she has had experience in, is the fact that every one of those few experiences that she has had the opportunities -to- experience have been wonderful. Every face she has met has been friendly, welcoming, and eager to make this one, a new comer, with no beforehand knowledge of Palace, feel like she belongs and is finally, at Home.


Name: {ãkira}ÐF«Fo§»

i came to Palace in late May 2010, after doing a search on the web and finding the Gorean Palaces webpage. i have been in Gor for many years and was previously from the MSN Gorean chat groups which had closed down several years ago and had been wandering the internet ever since looking for a place to call home. Palace immediately appealed to me because of the helpfulness and friendliness of all the people i met there, and the great "family" atmosphere.