Testimonials received from Palace Goreans.

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By Fire_Tracker
#7447 Name: Fire_Designer ~†/†~ Tracker
Occupation: Taluna
Home: “Taluna Trails”
Home addy: panthers.elitepalaces.com:9998
Non Gor showcase "Fire's Custom Designs" addy:

I have been in Gor since 98’, started out in back in excite Gor who no longer exists, then went to Halsoft Gor, until it began to charge to chat on their venue, so moved on to Voodoo Gor. In-between these venues I had “heard” of palace and did drop in and check it out back then as an observer…but I wasn’t ready to be a Palacezonian lol so ta speak.

The few years I was here building, before starting to role-play again I was watching and paying attention. I build for both elite and storm servers, I build landings, rooms, tours and cut avatars, I have my own “none-Gorean” palace that you can visit and see my style of work. Just another way that Palace allows one to design your home the way you want it not the way they some website demands it. I can create your home from the beginning or help you do a “face-lift” of your current home and just want a different look, of if you simply want seasonal Landings, I can help. What I do is unusual to most people now people, I don’t use scripts for animation, I do it by hand, to customize it the way I want and a way I believe looks better for the room itself, I’m a perfectionist, I like to take what you want and mix with my creativity to create unique rooms (all above mentioned items included) to make you proud to show off and is a step beyond what you dreamed! “Fire’s Custom Designs” addy:

Time flys by and Gor had all but died in Voodoo Gor, so decided to just take a Gor break after trying a few other Gorean venues. It’s sad Gor has been watered down, filtered and just abused by people who just don’t care to go by the books or want to do it their way, the way they interpret the John Norma series. I know its an old saying “Remember old-school Gor” well I found it in Palace. While I was building, I was watching and paying attention.

I was pleasantly surprised by more than just 1 home were actually trying to abide by the books, putting forth an effort to role-play, not just sit in the room or the FM just sit with a slave at their feet or lap and shudders saying this but “coddling” the girl. The Gorean want was coming back to life, its always down deep inside of us, it might get buried or worn out from disappointment but its still there, its in our blood, it grabs you and never lets go.

When I looked around, I realized I had begun in the wrong home at first, but live and learn and move on. I have been in a couple roles in gor but never a PG or Taluna. I made friends with one remarkable Taluna and found out my life’s calling. I’m studying and am constantly practicing the various ways Gorean role-players fight in palace: (T-5, Turn-Base mostly, though I will dabble in other variants that are out there, wanting to be well rounded in all styles. Receiving sparring instruction from my mentor, Taka, who has helped me heal and return back to the life, feeding my empty Gorean soul, making it easy for me to role-play once again and seeing it returning to Palace here as well.

I am receiving instruction from other Goreans in the styles of fighting too, all wanting to teach and help me learn as a new person to this life altering role I’m portraying. The Taluna way of life brings one back to life, makes you feel that old stirring in one’s soul, the want to learn, the need to be part of a Gorean community who is more accepting of PG and Taluna now than they were before and welcome our role-play only makes the heart grow and grow. So I continue to dive in head first, both eyes wide open and itching for more and more.

Palace gives that to me, the various options to role-play as a Taluna, to spar with others, to grow in this role and follow the guidelines set for me. I eagerly live in Palace, deep in the jungles north of Schendi, “Taluna Trails” and am always up for sparring with anyone who feels lucky, chuckles. When you come, and your brave enough to travel in the Schendi area, I might suggest you stay on any trails you may come across and not to wander off into the wilds of the jungle, seek out one of many Exchange Points. You just might make it back out, not the same of course but at least able to return to your home…chuckles wickedly. Feeling daring? Feeling like some real role-play? Feel like sparring? Wiggles a finger your way.