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By kajyn
#7455 TO DO LIST: ( Please add to it as we go along. )

Is everyone registered on all forums of Gorean Palaces?
All 4 sites: ( Forum, Drum, BLOG, and GP / powweb login )
Do all know how to approve folks who regsiter on the site? Once they register we will manually add them to the other forums? Then send one email that goes out that says "approved" can also state "approved for" and list all sites.

- Calendar- kajyn will be responsible for adding events to the GP calendar.

- Advertise for any homes wanting to register their homes to send in a picture, palace link
as well as a Description of their homes including the best times people are there.
Include all homes. If requirements?

- New Palace Banner button - Add script that links folks to the GP website. Using the new banner on site?

Testimonials - Updates and Upkeeps
Find writers ..
Create Archives- Older content -location ?
Deverin/StormRaider- Find out How they want to be involved.

If kajyn missed anything, please let her know. Thanks