The purpose of the leadership meetings is to formulate agendas and action-steps to meet the community’s arising needs, inform the community of key concerns and finally, to promote individual ambassadors for community activism and integrity, both at Home and abroad.
Any acting as Home Lead (or their appointed representative) is welcome and encouraged to participate in this community improvement effort.

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By Kult
#7414 As currently agreed upon:

- All Home Leaders are welcome to bring one Home member along to observe Meetings, with the understanding that the Home attendee shall refer any/all questions or comments to the actual Home Leader for expression before the Group. If a Leader is unable to attend, their chosen representative is welcome to attend in their stead. Slaves will not be welcome to attend, nor is their business the business of Free.

- Members will use a ^C to indicate the need to comment or a ^Q in an effort to raise a question. It is expected that all members permit speakers to complete their commentary before interrupting. This is done in an effort to permit for order and flow of ideas, as well as to ensure that:

- Respect is the rule we should come to expect of one another. Leaders are expected to act as such. Disrespect (either by name-calling, disruption, insult or interruption), is not tolerated, nor fitting for those who claim a leadership role. If you cannot abide by this, you will be asked to depart. Personal strife and attack are expected to occur outside of Meetings. NOTE: The Leadership Meetings represent neutral arenas that promote respectful discussion and direction regarding the issues and concerns affecting all, or parts of our Palace Community.

- Those who host do so for our collective benefit. It is hoped that by holding Meetings in the Homes of our participating Members, we all gain a sense of our various cultures and accommodations. Their Home rules and expectations are to be respected at all times.
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By Sno
#7415 Tal Free

When were these guidelines brought in to be discussed and voted on.....have looked thru the logs of the leadership meetings that I have and do not see any of this discussedty


well wishes