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By Taka
#7464 through the dark of night a slender hooded figure steps easily through deserted city streets, stopping for a moment at this door and that to post the following advertisment:

Thrill Seekers, Artists, and Lovers of life! We gladly announce the opening of Taluna's Trail's First Annual Palace Art Appreciation expo and contest! Starting Monday, April 16, We will be accepting entries from across palace with the idea of "What Palace Life Means to Me" Entry Categories to come from Lifestyles, Gor, Vamp, Wolf,and Vanilla. each one meant to express in one room, an original creation showing how each artist sees the area they live in. 5 categories, 5 cash winners, with a seperate grand prize winner to be judged from between the actual winners of each category. We Hope to see You there! (recent updates to rules and limitations for contest, please stop by Taluna's Trail for the most current rules and information.

Two square shouldered Men in dark brown robes eyed the messenger posting the signs then with a nod to one another, slipped in behind to follow as a distance.. As they neared the edge of town, the figure turned from the last posted message, then slipped silently into the darkness of the alley behind. Rapid steps carried them around the corner and into the pitch block of gorean night... :whispered :Where'd He go" from a single raspy voice as they realized the dead end alley for what it was.. for a moment only muted sounds of town life in slumber caught their straining ears.. then a single throaty female chuckle from behind them.
"Boy's Your a little slow on the draw tonight, but I don't have time to play.. want to work for ME to earn Your gold, or bleed out for the ruffians You really are tonight?"
They could see the glint of her daggers held easily in each hand Her outline in faint firelight letting them absorb the one they thought to rob was more than ready for them..
"wot's the deal?" no point in hiding what they planned after all
"You take My gold freely", She snickered "and You deliver these flyers to every house in town. Let them know Gor is alive and bustling., IF Jarls and Lords are too busy hiding behind tall walls.. then it's time for them to come see how we live in the forests."
"If that's too much like work for You.. a gold piece apiece for prowling all night.. I can always leave You lying spread the word.. "